Chemistry is not merely a science of making observations in order to better understand Nature. It is also creative and productive. We chemists are proud of our ability to create products of high value from almost nothing, by using our accumulated scientific knowledge. Chemistry has greatly enhanced the quality of life worldwide by providing an impressive range of useful man-made substances and materials. Despite the extraordinary masterworks in the area of total synthesis in the last century, the development of practical and efficient synthetic methodologies is still in its infancy: This remains one of the greatest intellectual challenges which chemists face in the 21st century. The achievement of this goal will require the highest level of scientific creativity, insight and understanding.

  The Noyori laboratory has consistently focused on molecular catalysis and, consequently, contributed in diverse ways to the progress of modern chemistry.

Current Focus

The current research programs of the Noyori laboratory are directed toward
(1) invention of efficient synthetic methods, strategies, and concepts to solve challenging synthetic problems,




(2) cost-effective and/or programmable synthesis of various classes of important compounds,



(3) creation of significant properties or functions (catalysts and materials) utilizing synergistic effects of intra-and inter-molecular recognition,


(4) synthesis of previously uncovered molecules that are architecturally interesting,
(5) discovery of new functional molecules (or molecular assemblies) with potential toward the development and understanding of materials science and life science.











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 S. Saito

 J. Jung

 N. Noto

 S. Mori

The Noyori Laboratory

Graduate School of Science and RCMS, Nagoya University